Mass March and Rally in New York City

“The World Says No to War”
February 15 will be an international day of actions to oppose a war with Iraq. Hundreds of thousands or millions of people will march in cities around the world. “The World Says No to War.”
In the U.S. there will be a mass march and rally in New York City. The march was initiated and organized by the United for Peace & Justice campaign. It has drawn wide support from other networks and coalitions, including ANSWER, Win Without War, and the National Network to End the War Against Iraq. All are united in the effort to prevent another war with Iraq, another disaster for the long suffering Iraqi people. This should be another large demonstration, comparable to previous marches in DC and San Francisco.
ADC strongly urges ADC members, chapters and supporters to come to New York on February 15 to take part in the march, or to join in with peace activities in their own cities. San Francisco will also have a large march on Sunday, February 16.
Please pass the word to your friends and associates about the February actions. Help ensure a strong public voice for peace.
For details on the New York and San Francisco marches and local activities in each state, please see the United for Peace and Justice website.
If you are organizing events in your community, please post them on the United For Peace and Justice website. A complete record of anti-war activity is important in maximizing our impact in the media and on policy makers.
Plans are being firmed up to determine the location of the rally and the march route.

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