Take Action! Help Ensure Safe Delivery of Emergency Aid to Gaza!

Washington, DC | www.adc.org | April 19, 2024 – Your help is urgently needed to push Congress to protect brave civilians on the Freedom Flotilla’s nonviolent mission.

The Freedom Flotilla is an emergency civilian aid mission, in which multiple ships are sailing to Gaza with more than 5000 tons of life-saving aid. Hundreds of people, including many Americans, are on board to defy Israel’s genocidal campaign against Palestinians.

This is a humanitarian mission and in normal circumstances, aid should be able to be delivered. Given the way Israel has acted, they could act in a grossly inhumane way, which can harm the flotilla participants or its content. Past missions challenging the illegal blockade on Gaza suffered violence by Israeli forces; in the worst incident, ten of the civilian participants were murdered. Pressure from the U.S. may be the only way to prevent Israel from killing these aid workers like many others – most recently in the targeted attack on World Central Kitchen.

Take Action Now! Help Ensure Safe Delivery of Aid!

We need to act now to demand that Congress ensures the safety of the flotilla and prompt delivery of its life-saving cargo. Israel’s deadly campaign has been possible thanks to years of unconditional funding from the U.S. The least our elected officials can do now is exert American influence to insist on safe passage for this humanitarian mission.

Take action today and tell U.S. lawmakers to protect this nonviolent emergency mission. The impact of our collective voices can help overcome barriers and break the blockade. If our representatives speak out for this mission, they will show Israel it can no longer count on U.S. support for its every heinous act.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition is an international nonviolent coalition working to break the blockade of Gaza. FFC action is guided by Palestinian civil society rather than any party, faction or government.

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