New TNT Film Vilifies Arabs, Glorifies Killing Them

In the latest film vilifying Arabs, Turner Network Television (TNT) last night broadcast “SHADOW WARRIORS 2: ASSAULT ON DEATH MOUNTAIN” at 8 pm, 10 pm, and again at midnight. TNT describes the plot as “Tough warrior Mike McBride [played by Terry ‘Hulk’ Hogan] and the team have only hours to halt a ruthless terrorist who threatens to launch a deadly virus over the U.S. in retaliation for the Gulf War.” The film is packed with the most scurrilous stereotypes of Arabs as anti-American terrorists and glorifies the mass killing of large numbers of Arabs. The program is to be rebroadcast on Sunday, June 13, at 1 pm.
This marks the second time that TNT uses “Hulk” Hogan as an American hero facing the most ugly stereotypes of Arabs and killing them in large numbers. In 1997, TNT broadcast a two part special called “THUNDER IN PARADISE,” which also featured “Hulk” Hogan as a hero who confronts Arabs terrorists and kills a great many. “ASSAULT ON DEATH MOUNTAIN” and “THUNDER IN PARADISE” thus constitute a disturbing pattern of TNT and “Hulk” Hogan combining to promote fear and hatred of Arabs. It should be noted that such defamation and vilification is in stark contrast to the stated principles of Ted Turner and TNT.
Action Requested:
Please contact TNT and let them know that demonization of Arabs is unacceptable, that these films constitute a disturbing pattern, and that they have a responsibility not to engage in defamation and vilification. Also, please emphasize that such films are totally incompatible with the stated principles of Ted Turner and TNT, and that TNT should meet with representatives of ADC in order to prevent any repetition of such ugly representations.
Please call the office of TNT President Bradley J. Siegel at (404) 885-2402 or Fax to (404) 885-2427
or email
and let Mr. Siegel know that these films are indefensible and unacceptable, and that TNT must act in a more responsible manner, beginning with meeting with representatives of ADC.

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