Yalla! Top 10 Reasons to Support ADC!

Top 10 Reasons to Support ADC

There are infinite reasons to support ADC, but here are some of our favorite reasons!

  1. Our upcomingTuraath on December 15 is a magical night of musical enchantment from across the Arab world. 
  1. ADC fought Trump’s Arab and Muslim Ban 1.0 and 2.0, and now we’re ready to fight 3.0 and put a final end to the Ban. 
  1. ADC lawyers and staffers advocate for our community on TV, radio and in the press
  2. No organization has challenged anti-Arab defamation like ADC — like our victory forcing Disney to change offensive lyrics in Aladdin.
  3. ADC’s annual 3-day convention is a political and cultural celebration of Arab-Americans. 
  4. ADC provides pro bono legal counsel to our community, and we’ve recently won several anti-discrimination lawsuits
  5. With Trump attacking Arab heritage in Jerusalem, ADC is needed to defend our heritage and future against Israeli occupation. 
  6. ADC is relentless in exposing the anti-Arab bias of Trump staffers in our federal government. They try to hide, but we call them out!
  7. ADC is working to defend vulnerable Arab immigrants from being deported. 
  8. ADC is Arab and Proud!

Please become a monthly contributor to ADC. Just $10 or more a month goes a long way toward supporting ADC’s mission.

So, please click on the “DONATE” button below and give your $10 monthly contribution Today!

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