, David Horowitz Launch Vicious Slander against ADC Communications Dir.

Washington, DC — In a column featured on the websites and, right-wing commentator David Horowitz accuses Hussein Ibish, Communications Director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) of secretly celebrating the 9/11 attacks on the United States. Presented in the form of an unsigned “letter from a Saudi citizen,” the column presents unattributed claims that a Saudi individual was with Dr. Ibish on Sept. 11 and that he was “cheering and singing.” Horowitz prefaces the unsigned letter with a note which says that “I have no way of knowing whether it is authentic, but its particulars seem accurate to me.” ADC has demanded a retraction and apology from both websites and is currently consulting with attorneys.
Hussein Ibish responded “this is an outrageous and a damned lie. I did no such thing, and I was with no Saudi individual on that day, which was probably the worst and most mournful day of my life. Not only was my country attacked and thousands of my fellow citizens killed by maniacs whose philosophy I detest, all of our efforts on behalf of Arab-American civil rights were dealt a severe blow from which we have yet to fully recover.”
Ibish continued “I am flabbergasted that even wildly irresponsible websites such as and writers such as David Horowitz would stoop to this level, which actually constitutes not only a vicious and absurd slander, but also an incitement to violence against me.”
“I have never met Mr. Horowitz, and he doesn’t know a thing about me,” Ibish said. “That he can call the ‘particulars’ in this pathetic hoax ‘accurate’ is a matter of pure malevolence and a reckless disregard for the truth. No one should for a minute be taken in by this transparent attempt to smear my reputation and damage my efforts to represent the views of the Arab-American community and ADC in the media.”
Ibish concluded “ADC and I are consulting attorneys with the utmost seriousness, and intend to pursue this matter to the full extent of our legal options.”
[Click Here to Read ADC’s Response to the September 11 Tragedy]

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