Winners of the 2005 Youth Activism Art Competition

June 8, Washington DC
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) recently held its first Youth Activism Art competition, to promote expression through creative outlets. Specifically, participants were asked to describe what being Arab-American means to them.
ADC received many unique submissions from talented young activists around the US. Entries ranged from essays and collages, to paintings and caricatures, and ADC was truly impressed by the work submitted by all the participants.
This years winners are Cathrine Faris King, a 15-year-old Irish and Lebanese American and Leila Megilo, a 14-year-old Lebanese and Italian American. The winners will each receive a $100 check and will be featured in an ADC article. Coincidently, the winners of the competition also happen to be cousins.
ADC extends its congratulations to the winners, and all the participants who demonstrated their outstanding abilities.

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