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Dear friend,
As you may be aware, Arab Americans were very involved in this past Presidential election. The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) worked to get the community registered to vote and on Election Day, the ADC Voter Protection Unit (VPU) had election monitors at polling sites across the country, ensuring all registered voters were able to exercise their right to vote without any problems. Following the election the first issue ADC addressed was negative comments made about Arabs by the father of President-elect Obama‘s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Within days, ADC secured a personal apology and public repudiation from Rahm Emanuel for his father’s smear of Arabs.
We know much work lies ahead; therefore, ADC-RI is launching a 100-Day Plan to mirror the first 100 days of President Obama‘s administration. The ADC-RI 100-Day Plan has an estimated budget of $200,000.
1 – Holding targeted lectures to educate opinion-makers, officials and key staff
members on important issues such as Civil Liberties, the Images of Arabs and Muslims in
the Media, Palestine, the war in Iraq, and other issues in the Arab World
2 – Producing and distributing educational materials on the same issues for
this audience and holding teach-ins across the country
3 – Using our network of 38 chapters to hold teach-ins on these issues
4 – Utilizing our website and email lists to mobilize the community
The success of this project will rely on your support in two ways. First, we need your financial support to get this project off the ground.
ADC-RI does not exist in a bubble and has been feeling the effects of tough economic times like many other non-profit organizations. However, we cannot let these difficulties deter us from our mission to educate Americans about the issues we hold dear and that are so dear to our nation as a whole.
Please give generously to ADC-RI. As the 100-Day Plan kicks into gear we will be calling on you for further support at the grassroots level. We need your help to disseminate educational materials, hold teach-ins, and/or set up events.
Take this opportunity to make your generous donation today and take advantage of receiving a tax deduction. Remember this may be your last chance to make a contribution before the fiscal year ends.
Wouldn‘t it be great to know your tax deductible contribution went to educating Americans about Palestine, the War in Iraq, the Middle East, Civil Liberties and the rich culture and history of the Arabs instead of funding a War in Iraq or military aid to Israel? Please help us help our nation live true to its promise as the beacon of hope, justice, and liberty.
Please make your secure online donation by clicking here .
Donations can be mailed to the ADC Research Institute, 1732 Wisconsin Ave, NW. Washington, DC 20007. Please click here to print the donation form and mail it with your contribution to this effort. You may also fax your donation form to (202) 333-3980. Those wishing to make a credit card contribution by phone may call (202) 244-2990.
Every dollar counts so please help us today.
Hon. Mary Rose Oakar
Kareem Shora, JD, LL.M.
National Executive Director
***All Donations to ADC-Research Institute (ADCRI) are 100% Tax Deductible***
***Donations to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) are not Tax Deductible***

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