“Wack the Iraq” Shut Down, Protest Cancelled

Washington DC, August 26-The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee(ADC) wishes to thank the City of Wildwood, New Jersey for their help in closing the ‘Wack the Iraq’ game. The game, located on the famous Boardwalk, involved shooting paintballs at live targets dressed as Arabs. An official statement, signed by Mr. Fred Wager from the Public Affairs and Public Safety Department, confirmed that the owner has agreed to close the game down within the next two weeks.
Previously, the City of Wildwood cited the First Amendment and free speech as legal constraints on their efforts to close down the game. As a result, ADC issued a statement condemning the game and calling on people to boycott it and voice their concern to the office of New Jersey Mayor, Ernie Troiana Jr.  Additionally, ADC President Mary Rose Oakar sent a letter about the game to the Mayor and asked that the City of Wildwood revoke the license it provided to permit the game to operate. The New Jersey and Philadelphia chapters of ADC had also planned a peaceful protest rally on the Boardwalk. Now that the game will be removed, the chapters have cancelled the demonstration that was initially planned for Saturday, August 28.
ADC appreciates the efforts of the City of Wildwood in closing down this game.  ADC would also like to thank the groups, organizations, and friends who had joined in our call to close the game down.  Aref Assaf, President of the NJ Chapter, said, “we are gratified by the great support ADC has received from so many fellow citizens and other Arab and Muslim organizations culminating in a united stand against the offensive game. ” Assaf continued by acknowledging the support received from the NY and Philadelphia chapters of ADC, The Network of Young Arab American Professionals, and the Islamic Center of Passaic County.

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