Useful Links

U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
U.S. State Department
U.S. Department of Justice
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
A service of the Library of Congress providing on-line information on Congress including floor action, bills, Congressional Record, committee information and other US Government Internet resources.
Contacting Congress
An independent web site with a complete list of delegates in Congress with phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses and web sites for those Representatives and Senators that have them. You can send e-mail direct to your member of Congress from this web site and access the Congressional web sites. You can also contact your governor, state legislators and state officials for states that have web sites with this capability. Select interactive map from the web site index and click-on the state for easiest access.
Roll Call
A Capitol Hill newspaper providing news and commentary on Congressional politics and what is happening on Capitol Hill.
US Government Printing Office Access
Congressional and regulatory information can be searched on-line via the US Government Printing Office’s Access service.
An independent web page providing news on Congressional activities.
Library of Congress Legislative Branch Internet Resources
Internet resources for the U.S. Legislative Branch maintained by the U.S. Library of Congress.
United Nations
Foreign Embassies in the United States

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