USCIS Operations After Hurricane Katrina FAQ

Status of USCIS Facilities
– What is the physical status of USCIS facilities in affected area?
On Friday, September 2, 2005, USCIS surveyed the status of the USCIS District Office in New Orleans (NOL) at 701 Loyola Avenue. There was no window damage, no water damage, and the office was secure. It appears that nothing was disrupted, and the files and security items are safe. Two USCIS employees in the affected region remain unaccounted for. All other USCIS facilities in the Gulf Coast Region are secure.
Back up Status
– Which USCIS locations should affected customers go to for service?
Due to the high volume of displaced persons, ALL USCIS offices will be assisting hurricane victims.
New Orleans customers who have filed, or intend to file an application with USCIS should visit the New Orleans About Us page at for details about the following topics:
Filing procedures if you have not been displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
Replacing Lost/Destroyed Documents
Filing Applications
Status of Pending Applications or Cases
Problems Receiving Documents Through the Mail
– Where has the NOL office set up operations?
The USCIS NOL District Office has temporarily relocated to the USCIS Sub-office at 842 Virginia Run Cove in Memphis, Tennessee. Other offices serving USCIS customers in the region are located at:
– 100 West Capitol Street in Jackson, Mississippi, 39269
– 4977 Old Greenwood Road in Fort Smith, Arkansas, 72903
– 842 Virginia Run Cove in Memphis, Tennessee, 38134
– Where are the NOL office files going to be centralized?
Planning is underway to centralize the files from the NOL district office. However, it maybe sometime before USCIS will be able to enter the NOL office to remove and relocate files.
USCIS Customer Service
– Has USCIS cancelled naturalization ceremonies in the affected areas?
All naturalization ceremonies in the affected areas have been cancelled until further notice and will be rescheduled. Customers with pending appointments for naturalization interviews and adjustment of status interviews will be contacted as soon as information becomes available.
– Are there plans to shift jurisdiction for customers from the New Orleans District?
It will be necessary to shift jurisdiction for customers from the New Orleans district to other regional offices. USCIS Regional Directors are working together to develop a plan that maintains our commitment to customer service and efficiency. Operational activities continue in Fort Smith, Memphis, and now, Jackson, Mississippi.
– How do affected customers go about replacing lost immigration documentation?
All USCIS field offices will be prepared to assist hurricane victims in replacing official documentation while adhering to security policies and procedures. USCIS will verify the identity and immigration status of all customers before re-issuing any immigration related document. USCIS will utilize its electronic file data to perform identity verification where possible.
New Orleans customers who need more information on replacing lost documentation can also visit should visit the New Orleans About Us at for more information.

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