UCLA-led research seeks to promote Breast Cancer awareness among Muslim women

A community-based research team led by a UCLA School of Public Health professor is conducting a research to understand the roles of culture, religion and health care among Muslim women in order to promote Breast Cancer awareness in this community.
The team of researchers is seeking 400 Muslim women living in Southern California for a study to assess breast cancer screening perceptions, needs and barriers among these women.
Results of the study will assist in developing a promotional program to increase breast cancer awareness and use of screening services and information among Muslim women in the United States.
The Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is funding the study. Other project partners include the University Muslim Medical Association Community Clinic, Charles Drew University and the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service.
“This is the first study of its kind in the United States,” said Yasser Aman, president and chief executive of the clinic. “Muslim American women in Southern California have an opportunity to participate in a project that will positively impact the health of our community for years to come.”
For more information about the program, see below:

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