TSA Watch Lists Clearance Procedure

October 7, 2005
Washington, DC — The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has made available the form necessary for individuals to complete in order to verify their indentity from names on security watch lists. There is no longer a need to contact TSA prior to obtaining a copy of this form. The TSA Passenger Identity Verification Form (PIVF) may now be downloaded at the following:
As indicated by TSA, while submitting this form does not remove a name from the Watch Lists, this process distinguishes passengers from persons who are in fact on the Watch Lists by placing their names and identifying information in a cleared portion of the Lists. According to TSA, airline personnel can then more quickly determine when implementing TSA-required identity verification procedures that these passengers are not the persons of interest whose names are actually on the Watch Lists.
For more information on how this process works, please see:
As always, individuals who are impacted by this issue may contact the ADC Legal Department for further assistance via email to legal@adc.org or by calling 202-244-2990.

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