Trump’s Trifecta Threatens Us All

Help ADC Fight Back Against War Hawks and Anti-Arab Bigots

Washington, DC | | March 27, 2018 |

It’s finally happening, folks! Until now Trump’s unpredictability was somewhat restrained by his national security team, but now Trump is throwing them overboard and replacing them with militarists and bigots. It’s getting scary and we need your help to fight back!


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was ousted in favor of CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who has accused our community of conspiring in “small towns all throughout America.” As the top diplomat, Pompeo will promote the “Clash of Civilizations” narrative of the U.S. versus the Arab and Muslim world.

Pompeo was bad enough but his replacement at the CIA, Deputy Director Gina Haspel, might be even worse. Haspel oversaw the use of torture at a “Black Site” overseas and then participated in the cover-up by destroying video evidence.

Things only got worse when Trump fired National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and replaced him with neoconservative John Bolton, who supports military strikes on several countries. After all, he was one of the architects of the Iraq War and the WMD lie. Moreover, Bolton has spent the past several years running a conspiratorial website spreading hate against Arabs and Muslims.

If the Pompeo-Haspel-Bolton trifecta takes power, perilous days are ahead. The drumbeat of war mixed with anti-Arab rhetoric will occupy the mind of the President.

We’re fighting on Capitol Hill to defeat confirmation of Pompeo and Haspel (Bolton doesn’t need confirmation), but we cannot do this alone! We need your help!

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Stand with ADC to ensure our civil rights are protected at home and our foreign policy keeps us safe abroad!

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