Trump’s “Peace” Deal Reinforces Israeli Apartheid

Moments ago, President Donald Trump announced his self-proclaimed “Deal of the Century”, a flawed and detrimental Middle East “peace” plan focusing on Palestine and the apartheid state of Israel. The so-called “peace” plan introduces a solution that Trump falsely claims was suggested by Israel and the Palestinians. In this plan, President Trump gives Israel a green light to annex the West Bank settlements and the Jordan Valley – a long time objective of the Apartheid State of Israel. By adopting this position and apartheid ideology, the U.S. has officially put an end to its own objective of a two-state solution.


For decades, the fallacy of a two-state solution has been the cornerstone of American policy in occupied Palestine. Over the years, U.S. actions in the region have gradually undermined its own stated objectives. The plan introduced by President Trump today solidifies an undemocratic apartheid state where Palestinians are second-class citizens.


Missing from the political process is the voice of the Palestinians. Throughout this process, the White House has had zero contact with Palestinians. In fact, the White House has not had official contact with Palestinians since President Trump unilaterally moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.


With this new plan, there is uncertainty in what the future holds for Palestinians. What is certain is that Palestinians will continue to live in an apartheid state, subjected to dehumanization on their own land. Palestinians in Gaza will continue to live under grave humanitarian conditions, and millions more will still be prevented from returning home. It is time that this country, and the rest of the world, takes action to end the apartheid system of governance in Israel and to ensure full rights and freedoms for all Palestinians.

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