Travel Advisory: Exercise caution and report discrimination to ADC

Washington, DC | | December 30, 2015 – The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) advises community members to exercise caution and vigilance while traveling over the holidays. Those flying on commercial airlines should excerise special caution. Please take your safety seriously when you receive threats of violence to yourself or your relatives and report any discrimination or harassment that you experience to ADC.

ADC has observed a significant increase in anti-Arab and anti-Muslim discrimination on airlines over the past couple of months, especially following the Paris attacks. ADC has received multiple complaints from Arab-Americans who have been discriminated against while attempting to travel on commercial airlines. This discrimination has included arbitrary removal from flights and even the failure to provide a refund or rebooking on an alternate flight.

It is important to exercise caution and vigilance while traveling so that if you experience discrimination, you are prepared to respond effectively and obtain justice. If you experience discrimination while traveling on commercial airlines:

  1. Ask for the official reason as to why you are being removed from your flight or otherwise discriminated against.
  2. Request the name(s) of the agent(s) who made and executed the decision to remove you from your flight or who otherwise discriminated against you.
  3. If possible, gather the names and contact information of any witnesses to the discrimination and/or harassment.

Report discrimination and harassment to ADC:

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