Three Helpful Tips For Upcoming Elections

Election Day November 7, 2006

1) Am I registered? Where do I vote? Do I need to bring anything with me when I vote?
Check out the helpful website Can I Vote at
This website will answer these questions!
2) Get involved! We have two weekends left before the elections.
Pick a party or candidate of your choice and volunteer on their campaign. Go to campaign headquarters and volunteer your time and energy. They are in desperate need of help during the last few weeks running up to the election. Volunteer to phone bank or hand out flyers, or whatever tasks they may have. You can volunteer for one or two hours, or whatever time you can spare. Also, campaigns are always need volunteers, poll watchers, and drivers on Election Day.
It‘s important for candidates and parties to see Arab-Americans actively involved in campaigns and elections.
3) Finally, should you have any problems at the polls on Election Day, contact the Department of Justice‘s Voting Rights Section at 1-800-253-3931. Please provide as detailed of a description as you possibly can of where the incident occurred, including address and names of responsible parties, if possible. In addition, the political parties have teams of attorneys available through various campaigns to ensure that you can cast your ballot on Election Day.

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