The Trump Proclamation: Arab and Muslim Ban 3.0

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is outraged on President Trump’s proclamation that effectively expanded and further entrenched the Arab and Muslim Ban. There is no set expiration date for the Arab Muslim Ban 3.0 and the language articulates indefinite implementation.

At 3:30pm on September 24, 2017, the proclamation was issued as the travel restrictions on the nationals of Iran, Libya, Somali, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen were set to expire. The proclamation enacted detailed restrictions on Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

ADC remains steadfast in its duty to challenge President Trump’s proclamation and will continue to work with our civil rights partners to stand against this xenophobic policy. The Administration’s implementation of travel restrictions on the identified Arab and Muslim countries are unjustified and illegitimate. As part of our advocacy work, ADC, Penn State Law, and Muslim Advocates produced a Fact Sheet resource on the Arab and Muslim Ban 3.0


Arab and Muslim Ban 3.0 Fact Sheet [English] [Arabic]

Refugee Ban 3.0 Summary

ADC Amicus Brief to U.S. Supreme Court in IRAP v. TRUMP

ADC Amicus Brief to 4th Circuit in IRAP v. TRUMP

How to Prepare for Travel

Toolkit on Arab and Muslim Ban

The proclamation applies immediately to individuals seeking visas who are covered by the Second Muslim Ban and who lack a credible bona fide relationship to a person or entity in the United States. For all other persons – including nationals of Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somali who have a bona fide relationship to the U.S., the proclamation applies beginning October 18, 2017.

The attempts by the administration to mask the Arab and Muslim ban by adding North Korea, and Venezuela, and removing Sudan is futile. The administration is merely trying to support the termination of Temporary Protected Status for Sudan. The administration knows that the instability, safety and security of Sudanese nationals are at risk, but cannot justify returning Sudanese nationals in one hand and deny Sudanese nationals from entering the United States in the other hand.  Further, the restrictions on North Korea and Venezuela are motivated by politics, not actual security concerns. #NoBanNoWallNoRaids

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