Tamim Al-Barghouti announced as keynote speaker at Palestine Brunch

Washington, D.C. | May 1, 2023 – The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is pleased to announce Tamim Al-Barghouti as the keynote speaker at the Sunday Brunch of the upcoming ADC National Convention.

Al-Barghouti is a renowned Palestinian poet and scholar who is widely recognized throughout the Arab world. He is known for his ability to captivate audiences with his readings, which have drawn crowds of thousands in stadiums and amphitheaters across the region.

Al-Bargouti will present on Sunday during the Convention's Palestine Brunch, on June 18th. Access to the Palestine Brunch, and the entire Convention program over the weekend, is part of the Convention registration package. Take advantage of the early bird registration rates  and secure your spot today, you can register by clicking here. Additional segments to the Sunday Palestine Day program will be announced in the coming days!

Al-Barghouti’s poetry has earned him celebrity status throughout the Arab world, with several hundred million readers and viewers across various old and new media platforms. His work “Fil Quds” (In Jerusalem) has become a household poem since its publication in 2007 and has even been turned into ringtones, with school children competing to memorize and recite it. His poem “Hanet” (Almost there) was projected on makeshift screens in Cairo’s Tahrir Square during the Egyptian uprising of January 2011, despite the internet being down and regional news channels being banned.

In addition to his poetry, Al-Barghouti is the author of several academic books on Arab politics and history, including “The Umma and The Dawla: The Nation State and the Arab Middle East,” and he was the principal author of the United Nations Report: Injustice in the Arab World. Al-Barghouti received his PhD in political science from Boston University in 2004 and has taught at Georgetown University, the Free University in Berlin, and the American University in Cairo. He currently has his own program “With Tamim” on Al-Jazeera’s digital platform AJ+ Arabic.

ADC is honored to welcome Al-Barghouti to the convention! Register for the ADC National Convention  today to take advantage of the early bird discounted registration. You can also take advantage of discounted hotel room rates by clicking here.

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