Talking Points on U.S. Strikes on Sudan & Afghanistan

The ADC National Office has been deluged with phone calls from the press for a reaction on yesterday’s U.S. strikes against Sudan and Afghanistan.
ADC has been interviewed by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio,
Canadian television (CTV), Fox News Channel, Newsday, Pacifica Radio, The
Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Washington
Times, several radio stations, and more.
As the dust clears, questions from the media will continue.
Below are a few talking points which might prove useful in your dealings with the press. They may also be useful as you monitor press coverage of the issue and respond in the form of letters to the editor or opinion pieces. Presenting the Arab-American perspective on these events is crucial to ensure balanced media coverage.
If you are articulate, well-spoken, and experienced in dealing with the press, contact your local media and let them know that you are available for comment. You’d be surprised how many reporters will welcome your initiative to establish contact.
As you monitor the press, look for opinion polls by various media outlets,
including on the Internet. Opinion polls are often cited by politicians, journalists, academics and every vote counts! Make sure to participate and to alert ADC when you come across a poll.
* As Arab Americans, we strongly and unequivocally condemn the attacks on
U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, which claimed the lives of 300 innocent people, including 12 Americans, and injured thousands.
* At the same time, we feel it is crucial for the U.S. government to come forth with evidence linking Usama bin Laden to the attacks and justifying a retaliatory strike of such magnitude.
* The U.S. government overstepped the bounds of international law by taking this unilateral action prior to attempting to use legal processes, such as requesting the extradition of bin Laden.
* The U.S. government acted in total disregard for what officials call
“collateral damage,” but which in reality means the killing of innocent civilians and the destruction of civil infrastructure.
* While the United States flexed its muscles against Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan, the same political will has not been exhibited toward the intransigence of the Netanyahu government which continues to defy
international law, the international community, and U.S. policy itself.
* The double-standards of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and this latest action will reinforce anti-American sentiments in the Arab and Muslim worlds by projecting the United States as trigger-happy when Arab and Muslim lives are at stake.

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