Take Action: Israel Super Bowl Ads Violate FCC Regulations

Washington, D.C. | www.adc.org | February 11, 2024 – During this evening’s broadcast of the Super Bowl, CBS aired an aid paid for by the State of Israel. The ad is part of a multimillion-dollar effort paid for by Israel to cover up the on-going genocide. This ad which aired this evening was done without the proper disclaimers mandated by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations. This not only undermines the integrity of broadcasting standards but also misleads the public by not providing necessary context about the ad’s origins.

ADC encourages all members to take action now. Click here to send a message to the FCC and demand they investigate the violation and hold CBS and the NFL accountable. 

The FCC’s rules are clear: Broadcasts, especially those with content sponsored by foreign governments, must include clear disclaimers so viewers are aware of the source. Not disclosing that Israel is behind the broadcast by is not just a violation of regulatory standards by CBS and the NFL, it is also a breach of public trust.

Abed Ayoub, ADC National Executive Director said, “The FCC must hold CBS and the NFL accountable. The American public has a right to know and be informed about the influence of foreign governments in our media, and this includes Israel. We hope the FCC takes our complaints seriously and opens an immediate investigation into this matter. We also call on the FCC to ensure that our airwaves are not used to sell the ongoing genocide happening in Gaza.”

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