The Real Super Tuesday Winner: Uncommitted Gains Momentum

Washington, DC | | March 6, 2024 – Yesterday, millions of Americans went to the polls and echoed what over 100,000 voters in Michigan made clear last week – it is time to take action to end the genocide in Gaza. Voters across the nation representing a diverse cross section of America united behind this simple yet powerful message, and both the Biden Administration and campaign cannot afford to ignore it any longer.

This grassroots-driven movement was inspired by last week’s powerful showing in Michigan. Minimally funded, and with just eight days to organize, an unprecedented number of Americans chose to express their opposition to Biden’s complicity in the genocide of Palestinians. In Minnesota, almost 20% of the vote went to “Uncommitted”, which is enough to send at least 11 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. North Carolina had nearly the same number of uncommitted votes as Michigan with almost 90,000, while Massachusetts had a strong showing with almost 60,000. These states all have significantly smaller Arab and Muslim populations and had a much shorter time to organize, and the results reflect how unified voters are in their disapproval.

ADC National Executive Director Abed Ayoub said, “They said we would forget. They said Michigan was a flash in the pan. They even said our movement was limited to Arab and Muslim communities. Yesterday’s results definitively prove them wrong. Complicity in genocide is a losing campaign strategy, and if Biden truly believes that democracy is at risk with this election then it is incumbent on him to demonstrate why he deserves to be supported.”

Co-Founder of the Truth Project Mohammed Maraqa said, “Last night’s results are best described by a quote from Egyptian author Wael Ghonim: ‘The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.’ Our low-budget, high-impact digital strategy has only been as powerful as its relevance to the current climate: a profoundly unpopular pro-Israel policy where US-sponsored genocide has come at the expense of American tax dollars. We will continue to support nationwide efforts to unite a cross-cultural and multigenerational coalition of voters who demand a future where our elected officials respond to the needs of their voters, not their donors.”

ADC efforts are funded by the community, and for the community. Your support is crucial in continuing this work and ensuring the organization has the resources needed to continue this important work in other states. Take a moment and make a contribution to ADC by clicking here. 

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