Take Action: Tell Congress to stop Funding Genocide

Washington, DC | www.adc.org | February 5, 2024 – Yesterday, the US Senate released the text of a funding bill which would give nearly $15 billion to the genocidal Israeli government. Nowhere in the 370 pages of legislation is the word Palestine or Palestinians used, a glaring omission particularly when one of the stated intentions is to provide humanitarian aid. ADC is calling on all its members to email their Senators and demand that the US Government refuse to fund the ongoing genocide.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress Not to Fund Genocide

It is unconscionable to send a massive amount of taxpayer dollars to support genocide and ethnic cleansing. The only outcome of this bill would be to further entrench US complicity in what the International Court of Justice has ruled is a likely genocide. Congress must loudly and forcefully reject any attempt to provide additional unrestricted military aid to Israel.

ADC National Executive Director Abed Ayoub said, “Instead of heeding the rulings by the ICJ and a US District Court, the Senate has decided to plow ahead with its complicity in the genocide of Palestinians. Shameful is too nice of a word to describe this bill. ADC vehemently opposes it and will fight any attempts to send US taxpayer dollars to support the annihilation of Palestinians.”

The bill also doubles down on the US’s decision to suspend funding for UNRWA by banning any of the humanitarian assistance provided by the bill from being used to support the agency. No reasonable reading of this legislation lends itself to the conclusion that it will do anything but encourage the genocide of Palestinians. All moral Americans must step up and demand their elected representatives oppose this funding bill.

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