ADC Remembers Shireen Abu Akleh

Washington, DC | | May 11, 2023 – On the one year anniversary of the assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh by an Israeli sniper, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) remembers her vibrant personality, kind heart, and unwavering dedication to bringing the unvarnished truth about the reality in Palestine to the global community. An inspiration for women looking to become journalists themselves, she paved the way for so many to follow in her footsteps, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to outshine the occupation which killed her.

Shireen’s loss continues to be deeply felt by Palestinians around the world, and ADC extends its sincerest condolences to her family and loved ones. Since Shireen’s murder, her family, ADC, and many other organizational allies and partners have been demanding full accountability and action from the U.S. Government. One year following the assassination of an American journalist by a foreign state, justice continues to be denied to Shireen’s family.

It does not go unrecognized that this horrible anniversary falls at the same time that the Israeli Occupation Forces have killed at least 21 Palestinians in Gaza, including many women and children, and as Palestinians around the world get ready to recognize the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Nakba. As in the case of Shireen, the Israeli government is responsible for these ongoing, appalling war crimes, violations of human rights, and international law.

As we commemorate the first anniversary of Shireen Abu Akleh’s assassination, it is clear that her legacy continues to shine brightly. Her unwavering commitment to journalism and truth-telling, despite the dangers she faced, inspired many and paved the way for others to follow in her footsteps. Yet, justice for Shireen remains elusive, and her family continues to suffer the pain of their loss. As we remember Shireen, we also recognize the ongoing violence and oppression faced by Palestinians, particularly in Gaza and during the Nakba anniversary.

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