Senator Boxer: Don’t Legalize Israel’s Discriminate Against Us

Senator Boxer: Don’t Legalize Israel’s Discriminate Against Us

Last month, we asked you to contact your senators regarding a controversial bill that would legalize Israel’s discriminate against US citizens of Arab or Muslim descent. There are 37 countries who participate in the “visa waiver program” – a program that allows citizens of those countries to enter the US without a visa. In return, US citizens can enter those countries without visas. These countries are expected to grant all US citizens the right to enter their territories without a visa.

The controversial bill, introduced by Senator Boxer, contains a provision that would include Israel in the visa waiver program, allowing Israeli citizens to enter the US without a visa, but — believe it or not — makes it okay for Israel to discrimination against US citizens “based on national security concerns”.

The controversial bill has drawn its share of criticism. In fact, Senator Boxer had to write a letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times last week defending her actions. In the letter, she claims that retaining the right to deny entry to individuals based on “national security concerns” is a “right enjoyed by every country around the globe”.

But if this is the case, why do we need to add an exception to the bill? More importantly, how come we did not include such provisions in the agreements we have with the other 37 countries participating in the program?

Let’s keep the pressure on! Contact Senator Boxer now and ask her to drop the provision.

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