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American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

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On behalf of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), I would like to encourage you to renew your membership. Our records indicate that your ADC membership has expired.

For over three decades, ADC has been protecting civil rights, promoting mutual understanging, and preserving the Arab-American cultural heritage. In order to keep fighting to protect our rights, ADC needs your continued support. Racial tensions in America are running especially high in light of recent events, including Israel’s recent attacks on Gaza,  as well as the militarized police brutality in Ferguson, MO.  As a result,  bigoted Americans such as Joan Rivers are seizing the opportunity to promote their truly racist views, and ADC needs your support now more than ever. 

In addition to our ongoing legal work to protect the rights of Arab-Americans, ADC has directed many of its advocacy efforts and resources to launching media campaigns, drafting and promoting petitions, holding advocacy days, sponsoring protests and vigils, and serving as a strong voice for all Arab-Americans.

Over the past few months we have accomplished many things, including:

  • Holding the 2014 National Convention in Washington, DC. Attendees engaged in dialogue with policy makers, and community and civic leaders from across the country

  • Organizing the 2014 International Women’s Day Celebration, where we launched our new ADC Women’s Empowerment Forum (WEF)

  • Hosted an Arabesque event featuring a documentary film on women’s participation in politics

  • Combating stereotypes in Hollywood by advocating for Disney and ABC Family to cancel their premiere of the “Alice in Arabia” TV show, which promoted negative images of Arabs

  • Supporting of the rights of Arab-Americans to be free from discrimination in family law cases by submitting an Amicus Brief to 9th Circuit in Farraj v. Cunnigham.

  • Boycotting Government Iftars to raise awarenes of the U.S. government’s complicity in the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and its policy of spying on Arab-American and Muslims domestically

  • Organizing an emergency Advocacy Day for Gaza on Capitol Hill, at which our volunteers were able to reach 25 Senate offices and 17 Representative offices across 25 states

  • Sponsoring a candlelight vigil at the White House to honor and mourn the innocent lives taken by Israel’s indiscriminate attacks on Gaza

  • Fighting racist hate by persuading Google to remove the “Bomb Gaza” app, which made the massacre of occupied Gaza into a game

  • Challenging the NYPD surveillance program which targeted Muslim and Arab communities by contributing to an Amicus Brief to the 3rd Circuit in Hassan v. City of NY

ADC continues to expand its services and programs and strengthen its advocacy efforts, which would not be possible without the support of our members. Whether your membership has lapsed in the past year, two years, or three, renewing is easy. You can renew by clicking here. 

Thank you and I look forward to your continued support. 


Samer Khalaf

ADC National President

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