Remembering Rachel Corrie

Washington, DC | | March 16, 2016 – The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee remembers Rachel Corrie, 13 years after her murder in Rafah, Gaza Strip on March 16, 2003. At age 23, Rachel was crushed to death when she was run over by an IOF (Israeli Occupying Forces) bulldozer. As a volunteer for the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Rachel was protecting Palestinian homes from demolition using nonviolent direct action.

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Since her death, solidarity work has been carried out in her name throughout Palestine and around the world. The Rachel Corrie Foundation for peace and justice was established in her honor to support work that fosters connections between people, builds understanding, respect, and appreciation for differences, and that promotes cooperation within and between local and global communities. Rachel’s life continues to inspire people around the world to work for justice.

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Today, those responsible for Rachel’s death have still not been brought to justice. ADC continues to demand justice for Rachel Corrie and her family and remembers her commitment to justice in Palestine and around the world.

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