No Longer Silent on September 15, 2015


DC Community

Within the last two years, local law enforcement’s indifference, mistreatment and brutality, and select enforcement in communities of color has been pushed to the forefront of politics, media, and public conversation. Police relationships with communities of color have been more visible to society now than it has been in decades.

We recognize and are shock at the violence and mistreatment that has plagued the Arab, Muslim, and South Asian communities. This is precisely why, we must be proactive now and put in place mechanisms that will hopefully prevent such acts from occurring in future, and continuing without notice or accountability. Because when we talk about justice, justice is not limited in the legal sense of lawsuits and courtrooms. Justice entails changing the systematic dynamics and culture.

On September 15, 2015, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is co-sponsoring a town hall event with lead civil rights organizations on Neighborhood Safety and Hate Violence in Washington DC at The Impact Hub of DC. We need you to be there, you are integral to establishing the mechanisms to meet your needs. Remember this is your home, your neighborhood, your city, your community.                                                           

You have valuable insight into the problems and issues that you deal with on a daily basis and how we should solve them.


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