Newsweek’s Matt Cooper Apologizes for Anti-Arab “Comedy”

ADC thanks all of its members and other activists who responded with so many eloquent, principled, and moving letters to the CWLA.
In a letter dated Dec. 13, 1998, Matthew Cooper, Deputy Washington Bureau Chief for Newsweek magazine, apologized for offending the Arab American community. Mr. Cooper’s comedy act at the “Washington’s Funniest Celebrity Contest,” which was sponsored by the Child Welfare League of America, included bigoted anti-Arab and anti-Iraqi “jokes.” Mr. Cooper’s letter reads:
Dear President Maksoud,
I want to write to you and apologize for any offense that I may have caused during my comedy performance benefitting the Child Welfare League of America. It was never my intention to cause pain or offense and I hope you’ll accept my sincerest apologies.
Matthew Cooper
ADC is pleased that Matthew Cooper has recognized and apologized for the offense that his remarks caused the Arab American community. ADC hopes that this incident will help to increase awareness of and sensitivity to the problem of anti-Arab bigotry in our country.

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