New Film “Private” Released in Movie Theatres

“?acted with fierce conviction”
The Village Voice
“?captures [war‘s] harrowing complexities with unerring accuracy”
Toronto Int’l Film Festival
“?an effectively didactic thriller”
Philadelphia City Paper
“Private is an emotionally and politically loaded allegory”
New York Times
On November 18 Arab Film Distribution (AFD) released the film “Private” in New York to very good reviews. Inspired by true events, “Private” tells the story of Mohamad, his wife and their five children who live in an isolated house located halfway between a Palestinian village and Israeli settlement. The house finds itself in the crossfire of the two sides and soon becomes a strategic area watching point that the army decides to confiscate. Mohamad refuses to leave his house. Reinforced by his principles against violence, he decides to find a solution living together with the Israeli soldiers. Living in fear fragments the family relationship- every member reacts in different ways to the soldier‘s presence in the house and to the father‘s authority. Just when life seems to be getting back to normal, a new spiral of violence erupts.
The film, directed by Saverio Constanza, participated in a number of Film Festivals and was awarded the Golden Leopard Award for Best Director and the Bronze leopard Award for Best Actor at the Locarno Film Festival. For more information see:
“Private” is set to open in California on Friday December 2. Please note the locations and times of upcoming screenings below
LOS ANGELES, CA at the Laemmle Fairfax 3 – Opens December 2, 2005
PASADENA, CA at the Laemmle One Colorado – Opens December 2, 2005
IRVINE, CA at the Regal Edwards University Town Center 6 – Opens December 2, 2005
MIAMI, FL at the Bill Cosford Cinema – Opens January 20, 2006

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