Mufid Said Nashashibi Political Participation Endowment

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Mufid Said Nashashibi Political Participation Endowment
Seal Beach, CA, August 29, 1999 — Rima Nashashibi announced the creation of an endowment to honor the memory of her father Mufid Said Nashashibi and his commitment to participation in the U. S. political process. The endowment awards will advance the empowerment of Arab Americans through promoting voter registration amongst California Arab-Americans.
“Since he arrived in the United States, my father worked tirelessly to promote participation in the political process in America,”; said Rima Nashashibi when announcing the Endowment. “He was a convincing advocate for voter participation in our great American democracy and for strengthening the empowerment of the Arab-American community in the US,” She added.
“We are very proud of establishing this endowment. We chose this time to make the announcement to support the Arab- and Muslim-American organizations call for September 1999 to be “Voter Registration Month,” clarified Rima, speaking on behalf of Mr. Nashashibi‘s family.
The endowment will recognize and award the two individuals who register the highest numbers of new California Arab-American voters during the month of September 1999. These two individuals will receive award certificates and monetary rewards. The individual registering the second highest number of newly registered voters reward will be $200, while the individual registering the highest number of new Arab-American voters will receive a $300 reward.
As a US citizen, you may register to vote if your are, or will be, 18 or older by the next election date of November 7, 2000. Once registered, individuals must re-register if they change their name or address.
For additional information on participation in the Mufid Said Nashashibi Endowment Awards Program, or any information regarding voter registration, contact Lobna Heweidi at (909) 982-3230.
Mufid Nashashibi (1915-1999) was born in Jerusalem, Palestine. He immigrated to Seal Beach CA, in the early 1980s where he continued his life-long struggle for Palestinian human rights by working to empower Arab Americans and promote awareness of the Arab-American Community and its contribution to life in America. He is survived by his wife Widad, his daughter Rima, two sons, Tareef and Issam and two grandchildren Mufeed and Rasha.

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