Join ADC at Moroccan-American Heritage Festival

Washington, D.C. | July 13, 2023 – The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) invites you to join us at the upcoming Moroccan-American Heritage Festival, a vibrant celebration of the rich traditions, diverse heritage, and cultural exchange between Morocco and the United States.

The festival will take place on Sunday, July 16, 2023 at Market Square in Alexandria, Virginia (300 King Street) from 1 PM until 6 PM. It promises to be an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Organized by the Moroccan-American Network and sponsored by Audio Visual Actions, this festival aims to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of Moroccan culture, while strengthening the bonds between the Moroccan-American community and the wider society. It will be an opportunity for Moroccan-Americans, Alexandria residents, and visitors to come together, learn from one another, and embrace the beauty of cultural diversity.

The Moroccan-American Heritage Festival will feature a wide array of activities and experiences that showcase the vibrant tapestry of Moroccan traditions. Highlights of the festival include:

Morocco Day Proclamation: The Proclamation will be declared by Amy Jackson, the Vice Mayor of the City of Alexandria, VA.

Music Performances: Attendees will be mesmerized by captivating musical performances, including traditional Moroccan music with the enchanting melodies of the Gnawa music and energetic Moroccan-African beats.

Art Market: The festival will showcase a variety of artisans who will showcase jewelry, ceramics, olive oils, clothing, incense, paintings, and much more.

Henna Tattoo Artist: Visitors will have the opportunity to adorn their hands with beautiful henna tattoos, a traditional art form that symbolizes joy, beauty, and celebration in Moroccan culture.

The Moroccan-American Heritage Festival is a family-friendly event that welcomes people of all backgrounds to come and explore the beauty and diversity of Moroccan culture. It serves as a platform for promoting cross-cultural understanding, dialogue, and appreciation.

The festival is free to attend. We ask that you register for the event here.

About the Moroccan-American Network: The Moroccan-American Network is dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of Moroccan culture in the United States. Through various cultural events, educational programs, and community initiatives, the Network strives to strengthen the bonds between Moroccans and Americans, while preserving and sharing the rich heritage of Morocco.

About Audio Visual Actions (AVActions): AVActions is a local, Moroccan-American owned audio visual business that has served the City of Alexandria and the DMV for over 20 years. Its owner, Mohamed Elhajjam, is dedicated to contributing to the City of Alexandria and to promoting and helping small businesses thrive.

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