Mohammed (Mo) Maraqa

Mohammed (Mo) Maraqa is an experienced and passionate data analytics executive specializing in empowering communications and nonprofit organizations through the strategic use of data. With nearly 25 years of expertise in crafting innovative data-driven solutions, Mo is dedicated to leveraging the power of data to revolutionize communication strategies and create positive change in communities. His profound understanding of data analytics, coupled with his commitment to social impact, positions him as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to maximize their impact, engage audiences, and advance their missions through data-driven insights.

Mo has an extensive track record of helping nonprofits optimize fundraising efforts, identify potential donors, and measure program impact by uncovering valuable insights from complex datasets. In addition, he has guided communications organizations in enhancing their messaging and audience targeting, enabling them to establish more meaningful connections with stakeholders. Mo’s expertise lies in developing comprehensive data strategies that align with the unique goals and values of communications and nonprofit organizations. He is a recognized thought leader in the field, actively sharing his insights at industry conferences and contributing to publications focused on data analytics for communications and nonprofits. Mo holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Science and a master’s degree in Marketing Research, both from the University of Texas.

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