Michigan Anti-Terrorism Task Force Agent to Face Criminal Charges for Anti-Islamic Slurs

Detroit — The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), today welcomed the successful conclusion of the US Attorney and the FBI‘s investigation into a troubling case of bias in the ranks of Michigan‘s Anti-Terrorism Task Force. Offensive slurs, stating “Islam is Evil, Christ is King,” that were scribbled onto an Islamic calendar at the home of Mr. Omar Shishani, during a raid by agents from Task Force on July 18, 2002. The culprit, a Secret Service agent, has been identified and will be punished as a result of the investigation. Officials in Michigan told a press conference this afternoon that the agent faces disciplinary action, including possible termination, as well as federal civil rights criminal charges. The officials emphasized that instances of bias and racism by federal agents are completely unacceptable and will be treated as such.
ADC Michigan Director Imad Hamad told the same press conference, “On behalf of ADC, I would like to commend the professional approach which representatives of the US Attorney’s Office and the FBI displayed pursuing this troubling matter. We were able to work together in a spirit of mutual cooperation and bring this case to a satisfactory resolution.” “This is another great example of how we have been able to forge an effective and productive working relationship with the US Attorney’s Office and the FBI in promoting tolerance within the community,” he continued.
Hamad added, “However, this case also reveals that bias and hatred does still exist, even within elements of the law enforcement community, against Arab Americans. As Americans, we trust that our partners in law enforcement and other government agencies will uphold their zero tolerance policies when it comes to racism and discrimination within their ranks.” He concluded, “The successful resolution of this case is extremely gratifying in that respect. We will continue to operate with open lines of communication and mutual cooperation as we work together to serve the interests of our community and the nation.

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