Mariam Foundation To Receive the Distinguished Public Health Service Award

Washington, D.C. | May 3rd, 2023 – We are honored to announce that The Mariam Foundation will be receiving the Distinguished Public Health Service Award at the upcoming ADC National Convention. The Palestine based Mariam Foundation, founded in 2012, is a remarkable non-profit organization that has made tremendous strides in the fight against cancer. The foundation is the first Palestinian non-profit dedicated to fighting cancer and has been providing support to cancer patients of all ethnicities and backgrounds since its inception.

The award will be presented to the Mariam Foundation as part of the Sunday Palestine Brunch, on June 18th. Access to the Palestine Brunch, and the entire Convention program over the weekend, is part of the Convention registration package. Take advantage of the early bird registration rates  and secure your spot today, you can register by clicking here. Additional segments to the Sunday Palestine Day program will be announced in the coming days!

One of the foundation’s main goals is to raise awareness of cancer and the significance of early detection. They achieve this by organizing medical conferences, festivals, and lectures delivered by specialists at the foundation, hospitals, clubs, schools, and more. These projects are designed not only to support and help cancer patients but also to entrench the notion of victory against cancer.

The Mariam Foundation’s founder and CEO, Mohammad Hamed, will be accepting the Distinguished Public Health Service Award on behalf of the foundation. Mohammad was born on September 24th, 1989, in Nazareth to the Hamed family. He had four sisters, Rana, Ruba, Ranin, and Mariam. Mariam Hamed passed away on September 10, 2004, following a three-year battle of treatment against cancer in Rambam Hospital in Haifa, at the age of 8. As a cancer patient’s family, the Hamed family had to face many obstacles due to the lack of resources available for the community, let alone the distorted image the community had regarding cancer and cancer patients. This experience made Mariam’s eldest brother, Mohammad, vow to change this situation, ensuring that no other cancer patient would have to go through what his sister and family had to go through. Thus, the Mariam Foundation was established in memory of Mariam, providing hope, support, and care to cancer patients and their families, making a significant impact in the fight against cancer in Palestine.

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