ADC Mourns the Loss of Khader Adnan

Washington, D.C. | | May 2, 2023 – The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) expresses its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Khader Adnan, a prominent Palestinian activist who died on a hunger strike after being detained without charge by Israeli authorities.

Adnan was known for using hunger strikes as a means of peaceful protest against the unjust treatment of Palestinians in custody and the mass detention of Palestinians. He had been on a hunger strike for 87 days, following his unjust arrest on February 5th, 2023. His death is a tragic loss, not only for his loved ones but also for the Palestinian community and the world.

Adnan’s passing is a reminder of the sacrifices made by Palestinians in their pursuit of justice and dignity. His unwavering commitment to his beliefs, despite the personal cost, stands as a testament to his courage and the power of the human spirit.

What is even more distressing is that Physicians for Human Rights Israel had warned Israeli officials that Khader’s death was imminent, but their warning was completely dismissed. The ADC condemns the Israeli authorities’ disregard for Khader’s life and their failure to provide him with adequate medical care.

The death of Khader Adnan highlights the ongoing and widespread use of incarceration to indefinitely detain Palestinians without charge or trial based on “secret” evidence. The number of administrative detainees has risen to over 1,000 over the past year, the highest number in two decades. The ADC strongly condemns this practice, which violates international law and human rights principles.

In memory of Adnan Khader, let us come together and renew our commitment to a Free Palestine; and may his legacy inspire and guide us towards that just cause.

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