#Justice4AlexOdeh Twitter Storm

  #Justice4AlexOdeh Twitter Storm

Sunday, October 11, 2015 at Noon EST/9:00AM PT

Please join the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) in demanding justice for Alex Odeh and his family by participating in the #Justice4AlexOdeh Twitter Storm on Sunday, Oct. 11 at 12:00PM Eastern/9:00AM Pacific Time.

Alex Odeh was ADC’s West Coast Regional Director who was killed in a terrorist attack on ADC’s West Coast Regional office in Santa Ana, CA in 1985. The bomb went off as Mr. Odeh entered the ADC office at 9:00AM PT on Oct. 11, 1985. Thirty years later, the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) have failed to bring justice to those responsible for this act of terrorism.

The purpose of the #Justice4AlexOdeh Twitter Storm is to demand justice for Alex Odeh and his family on the 30th anniversary of this tragic attack. Mr. Odeh was a tireless Arab-American activist who embodied ADC’s mission of  protecting the civil and human rights of all people and promoting peace and mutual understanding between diverse communities. ADC is committed to achieving justice for Mr. Odeh and his family, and holding the perpetrators of this act of terrorism responsible.

Sample Promotional Tweets:

If you are able, please help promote the Twitter Storm before Noon EST/9:00AM PT on Sunday Oct. 11 by sending the following promotional tweets:

  • Join me, @adctweets and other human rights activists in demanding #Justice4AlexOdeh at Noon EST/9:00AM PT on Sunday Oct. 11
  • Take a stand for justice with me, @adctweets & others on Sunday Oct. 11 at 9:00AM PT/12:00PM EST and tweet to demand #Justice4AlexOdeh

Sample Tweets for the #Justice4AlexOdeh Twitter Storm:

  • Take Action: Demand Justice for Alex Odeh and his family. #Justice4AlexOdeh: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50434/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=17550
  • 9AM in the morning, #AlexOdeh turned the key of the #ADC office and never knew he would not see his family again. #Justice4AlexOdeh
  • Prime suspects named by @CivilRights @FBI 30 YEARS AGO and still no answers for #AlexOdeh family! #Justice4AlexOdeh
  • #AlexOdeh was killed in a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. @FBI should vigilantly pursue the terrorists. #Justice4AlexOdeh
  • If @FBI designated the investigation into the #AlexOdeh case as highest national priority, why are we still waiting for #Justice4AlexOdeh?
  •  #AlexOdeh was killed in a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. DOJ @CivilRights should vigilantly prosecute the terrorists. #Justice4AlexOdeh
  •  Only 1 Judiciary hearing since 1985 in #AlexOdeh assassination. Require #Justice4AlexOdeh @ChuckGrassley @RepGoodlatte
  •  30 year ago TODAY, a pipebomb exploded as #AlexOdeh entered his #ADC office. Domestic terrorism @FBI @LorettaLynch #Justice4AlexOdeh
  •  October 11, 1985, #AlexOdeh was taken from his family and the world in a senseless act of terrorism @FBI and lead #Justice4AlexOdeh
  •  October 11, 1985, #AlexOdeh died fighting for civil and human rights in the U.S. and around the world #Justice4AlexOdeh @LorettaLynch
  •  #AlexOdeh a prominent civil rights activist and leader was assassinated, @FBI & @CivilRights allowed politics to triumph. #Justice4AlexOdeh
  •  #AlexOdeh fought for civil & human rights but @CivilRights has effectively turned a blind eye to protecting his right to #Justice4AlexOdeh
  • .@CivilRights how could you allow the perpetrators of #AlexOdeh assassination to get away and not be brought to #Justice4AlexOdeh
  • Stop saying there is an open investigation @FBI and actually do something. No more pleasantries and political talk @CivilRights #Justice4AlexOdeh
  • Within hours of the 1985 bombing of the ADC office, the FBI mentioned 3 suspects. 30 years later we’re still waiting for #Justice4AlexOdeh

Photos to use with tweets:

(You can use the following photos with the sample tweets listed below each photo, or create your own tweets to go with the photos. Make sure to include the hashtags #Justice4AlexOdeh and #AlexOdeh)

Alex Odeh_ Obama we will be vigilant

  • .@POTUS said we will be vigilant and relentless to see that justice is done. Why is there no #Justice4AlexOdeh?
  •  Why aren’t we doing what’s necessary to see that justice is done for Alex Odeh, @POTUS? #Justice4AlexOdeh
  •  Does protecting “our people” include Arab-Americans like Alex Odeh?
    #Justice4AlexOdeh @POTUS

We will hunt down terrorists

  • Will you hunt down the terrorists that bombed @adctweets office in CA and killed Alex Odeh? @POTUS #Justice4AlexOdeh
  • Will you hunt down the terrorists hiding in illegal Israeli settlements? @POTUS #Justice4AlexOdeh
  • Will you hunt down the terrorists who threaten the Arab-American members of our country? @POTUS #Justice4AlexOdeh
  • Will you hunt down the terrorists who assassinate civil rights icons such as #AlexOdeh. @Potus #Justice4AlexOdeh

AlexFBI 2

  • 30 YEARS without #Justice4AlexOdeh…why? @LorettaLynch @CivilRights @FBI
  • .@LorettaLynch @CivilRights prosecute the perpetrators of the terrorist attack against #AlexOdeh #Justice4AlexOdeh
  • Shame on you @ChuckGrassley @RepGoodlatte for not standing up to domestic terrorism #Justice4AlexOdeh
  • .@RepGoodlatte @ChuckGrassley demand a hearing on the assassination of #AlexOdeh and bring #Justice4AlexOdeh

Alex Odeh Family

Alex Odeh_30 Years and still waiting

  • The @NAACP waited 30 years to get justice for Medgar Evers. How long will @adctweets have to wait to get #Justice4AlexOdeh
  •  We waited 30 years to get justice for civil rights icon Medgar Evers. When will we get #Justice4AlexOdeh? @FBI @POTUS
  • If the @FBI investigation was truly highest national priority, why are we still waiting for #Justice4AlexOdeh?

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