Take Action: Jenin Refugee Camp Under Attack

Washington, D.C. | July 3, 2023 – With the stark dawn of another Monday, the Israeli military has once again stained its hands with the blood of innocent lives, executing heinous acts of war crimes in Jenin, one of the most horrific acts of violence seen in the West Bank in over two decades. Israeli Occupation Forces ruthlessly launched airstrikes into the heart of the Jenin refugee camp, killing innocent Palestinians, with the current number killed up to 10, and up to 100 suffering from injury at the time of this release. Moreover, their mindless destruction of infrastructure has turned Jenin into a city under siege, impeding critical medical support to the wounded and thereby ensuring the death of more innocent lives.Abed Ayoub, ADC National Executive Director, voices his outrage, “Israel’s actions are not just war crimes; they signify a nauseating breach of international human rights law and humanitarian ethics. The deafening silence and indifferent shrug from the U.S. Government are damning indictments of its complicity in these heinous acts, as it continues to unabashedly fund the killing of innocent Palestinian lives without a shred of accountability. The international community’s collective response must echo with righteous outrage over Israel’s brazen aggression in the West Bank, demanding the harshest penalties and the most stringent scrutiny upon the Israeli regime.”

This year, the West Bank has been transformed into a macabre death ground for Palestinians, witnessing the deadliest attacks by Israel in over a decade. This escalating cycle of violence includes increased attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinians, many of whom are US citizens, a chilling fact that lays bare the bitter reality. Amid this stark tableau of human rights violations, the U.S. audaciously contemplates rewarding Israel with inclusion in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) – a travesty of justice that must be halted given the unpalatable realities on the ground.We demand, with unbridled urgency, that the international community, particularly the United States, awaken to the horrors unfolding and take firm, decisive steps in holding Israel accountable for these breaches. Immediate intervention is imperative to stave off further escalation of Israeli aggression, safeguard civilian lives, and enforce unwavering respect for international law.We assert our unyielding commitment to the vision of a free Palestine, where every life is honoured with dignity, justice, and peace. The time for talking is over. It is time for action, and it is time for justice. Take Action Now! Call on the US Government to IMMEDIATELY Condemn Israeli Brutality

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