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Dear Supporter,

My name is Samer Khalaf, longtime member, former intern and newly appointed President of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). I assumed the role of President on January 21, 2014, and I am excited about returning to the place where I started.  I have a great appreciation for the rich history of ADC, but realize the challenges it faces in confronting bigotry and hate. I am eager to continue the honorable work that ADC does, to mobilize and expand our membership, and integrate everyone into the work we do.

I took this position knowing that the organization needed a lot of work.  While I have been in office only a few weeks, we have begun the work of re-tooling and re-organizing ADC.  ADC has begun a top down review of the entire organization and its policy.  This effort will include but not be limited to a review of our by-laws and of our employee policy.  Most importantly we will refocus our energy on ADC’s original mission that is fighting for the rights of Arab-Americans. 

In addition, we will be creating, reformulating or re-launching several campaigns that will greatly further ADC’s mission and resonate strongly with our members and supporters. They include:  

  • ADC Student Initiative – Engaging students across America in our mission and helping them succeed on their campus

  • ADC Women’s Empowerment Forum (formerly ADC’S Women’s Initiative) – Giving Arab-American women the opportunity and the space to deal with various women’s issues

  • Turaath Initiative Celebrating Arab culture and using it to break down stereo types and prejudices

  • Arabesque –   Lecture series focusing on civil rights, immigration, Arab American identity, pressing news, culture and more.  

  • National Arab American Lawyers Association – Facilitating partnership and networking for professionals in the legal field

ADC is planning several events and national campaigns in 2014-2015. We have already organized 2 events: 1 ) a showing of the Oscar nominated film Omar which included a discussion with the director, Hany Abu-Assad and the producer/actor Waleed Zuaiter; and 2) an International Women’s Day event dealing with women in the media which included a panel discussion and various awardees. As part of ADC’s mission to preserve Arab culture and heritage, we will once again present Turaath: Celebrating Arab Culture in America. Throughout the year, ADC will also be hosting seasonal events throughout the country that will give members a chance to network.

Additionally, we have continued our work in protecting your rights. Over the past few weeks ADC has demanded that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) abolish the ‘Selectee Passport List’ – which unlawfully targets Arab travelers. Further, the ADC Legal Department continues to assist members of the community who have been discriminated against while on the job, or in school. On the policy front, ADC continues to serve as the voice of the Arab American community on issues ranging from immigration to racial profiling.

I will also be planning major town hall meeting across the country to discuss the re-organized and re-focused ADC. On June 12th to 15th, we will be having our annual national convention.  This year we are happy to announce that the convention will be returning to the Crystal City Marriott. Many of you may remember that this was the location of some of our most successful conventions. 

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As a valued supporter of ADC’s much needed work, we invite you to renew your commitment by donating and/or make a recurring pledge of $25, $50 or $100 each month to ADC. ADC continues to strive to be in the forefront as the nation’s largest Arab-American civil rights advocacy organization, and a leader in defending our rich Arab culture; we look to our strong relationships with our outstanding supporters like you. 

Your contributions have not only made possible the events and initiatives highlighted above, but will also drive the design and execution of new ideas and programs that will strengthen our community in the future. 

Thank you for your time and continued generosity to make ADC a stronger voice for Arab Americans.

**All donations to American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Research Institute (ADC-RI) are tax Deductible.

In numbers there is strength.


Samer Khalaf, Esq.


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ADC is a civil rights organization committed to defending the rights of people of Arab descent and promoting their rich cultural heritage.  Founded, in 1980, by former U.S. Senator James Abourezk, ADC is the nation’s largest Arab American grassroots organization.

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