Intern Perspective – Muslim Ban 3.0


On Monday June 26, the Supreme Court announced that it will be reviewing the Muslim Ban case in October. Until then, parts of the travel ban will still be enforced.

The interim enforcement of the ban is a loss for the Arab-American and Muslim-American communities, the ADC, and other civil rights organizations in the United States.

We began working as interns at the ADC less than a month ago. We play a role in ADC’s mission to protect civil rights and civil liberties of Arab Americans, promote mutual understanding, and preserve Arab American cultural heritage. The Supreme Court’s decision has a devastating impact on the Arab-American community, and is a hindrance to our overall work. However, there are some positives that have arisen as a result.

We have received great support from our ADC members, other civil rights organizations, and Americans all across the country. Donations and fundraising have increased, as has volunteer participation. The organization is gaining more momentum, and it is evident that people do care about our work.

Since the 2016 election, there has been an overwhelming amount of energy supporting civil rights advocacy. In the first few months of this year alone, we have witnessed multiple calls to action, prime examples being the Women’s March in Washington D.C., demonstrations in response to the anti-Shari’a protests, and the “No Ban, No Wall” rallies.

As interns, it is a privilege to be involved in the important work the ADC does during these troubling times. That being said, there is still great potential for the ADC to expand our work and garner more support.

Despite the challenges that recent policies have posed, the community continues to come together and stand in solidarity with one another.

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