Important: Yemen Advocacy Coalition’s Evacuation Retainer Agreement


Important: Yemen Advocacy Coalition’s Evacuation Retainer Agreement

Dear StuckInYemen Registrant:           


     You have registered on  This website was started by the a coalition of organizations to centralize information.  As you may know, we have a national campaign in the United States to bring attention to the plight of Americans and their loved ones stuck in Yemen.  Through the two organizations above, we are initiating a law suit and advocacy efforts asking the United States government to provide assistance in evacuation efforts.  If you agree for us to file this lawsuit in your name, please read the Notice and Consent to Limited Representation  below and then reply to this email, indicating AGREE.  We will be in touch at the email addresses that we have for you and any contacts in the United States.  If you have any questions, please email us at or

Notice and Consent to Limited Representation


     This is a Retainer Agreement between the recipient of this email (“Client”) and the “Attorneys” (the Yemen Action Coalition attorneys are from of organizations of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee).  It is understood and agreed that the Attorneys shall investigate and represent the Client in regard to advocacy and filing legal claims for injunctive relief arising from Client’s status as being unable to get out of Yemen starting as of March 2015.  Client authorizes Attorneys to take any steps which, in Attorneys’ sole discretion, are necessary or appropriate to protect the interest in getting out of Yemen.  The Client understands that there are many factors outside of the control of the Attorneys which can affect the course and outcome of the case, as well as the amount of time and effort required to deal with the various issues involved.  The Client acknowledges that the Attorneys have in no way predicted the outcome or result of the Client’s matter, not even in a broad or general way.  The Client understands that this agreement does not apply to any other legal claims, appeals or post-judgment actions, proceedings, or applications and that, if such engagement were to be accepted by the Attorneys in the future, the Attorney’s representation would have to be secured by execution of another and separate Retainer Agreement.  However, this retainer agreement in no way obligates the Attorneys to accept any such engagement in the future.

     It is understood and agreed that Attorneys shall provide the above-noted services on a pro-bono basis and expenses will be paid for by CAIR and ADC.  Attorneys will seek to recover attorneys’ fees and costs if authorized by statute.  Any amount awarded as part of the judgment as Attorneys’ fees, should there be any, may, in the discretion of Attorneys, be accepted by Attorneys as the Attorney fee.

     Client acknowledges that he has read this agreement in its entirety, has had full opportunity to consider its terms, and has had full and satisfactory explanation of same, and that he fully understand its terms and agree to such terms. 

      The Client acknowledges that there are no additional or different terms or agreements other than those expressly set forth in this written agreement. 

     Client has read this Notice and Consent to Limited Representation form and understands it. Client understands and agrees that the legal services listed above are the ONLY legal services to be provided by the Attorneys. Client understands and agrees that the Attorney who is helping me with these services is an attorney for any other purpose and does not have to give more legal help.  Any further legal help with any of the attorneys will necessitate a new representation agreement.

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