Ibish letter in Wash Post

The following has appeared in The Washington Post on June 23, 2003
Editorial section; Pg. A20
Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [op-ed, June 20] makes it clear that, in his view, Israel will never allow an independent state in the Occupied Territories. The 3.5 million Palestinians who live there must reconcile themselves to, at best, a future of limited autonomy within a greater Israeli state of which they will not be citizens.
I see no practical or moral distinction between this vision and the system of bantustans that the apartheid government in South Africa used to keep control of land while denying freedom or enfranchisement to its black population.
By endorsing permanent colonial rule, Mr. Netanyahu has shown that the conflict in the Occupied Territories is a struggle for freedom and national liberation.
Communications Director American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

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