Hotel Employee Removed by Secret Service before Bush Fundraiser on the Basis of Name Mohamed

Washington D.C., Dec. 5 — The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is asking the Secret Service for an explanation and apology regarding the treatment of an Arab-American hotel employee prior to a fundraiser for President George W. Bush at a Baltimore hotel today. The individual, who works on the catering staff of the hotel in question, was approached this morning before the fundraiser by a hotel superior and two Secret Service agents. They asked him if his name was Mohamed. He told them that although he did not use the name casually in daily life, Mohamed was indeed the first name in his full legal name. The agents and hotel employee then informed him that he should leave the hotel for the day, by order of the Secret Service.
ADC is extremely concerned by the apparent discrimination against this individual, who is a United States citizen with no criminal record and a spotless employment history, which seems to be based on nothing more than having the name Mohamed. ADC has contacted the White House and the Secret Service this afternoon and asked for both an explanation and apology for this disturbing incident.

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