Help stop the planned attack on Iraq

No Bombing – Lift the Sanctions
Today Dr. Hala Maksoud, ADC President, appeared on CNN’s “CNN and Company” television program. Dr. Maksoud:
warned against the hasty use of power without exhausting diplomatic options.
questioned the US’ Iraq policy, or lack thereof, which is inconsistent and unclear.
emphasized both the short and long term effects of the sanctions on the civilian population of Iraq. reiterated the need for a review and genuine assessment of US policy on Iraq as this policy has proved its failure.
ADC Media Director Hussein Ibish appeared on MSNBC at 12:30. Mr. Ibish: attacked the US Iraq policy for being stuck in 1992 and pointed out that there has been no attempt to rethink it in spite of its obvious bankruptcy.
Asked how many times we were going to have to go through these spasms of mindless violence before the administration bites the bullet and comes up with a rational and coherent approach to Iraq insisted, over the objections of co-panelist Scott Ritter, that UNSCOM is a discredited and debunked institution which has no more credibility. called for the lifting of sanctions on Iraq emphasized the inhumanity of the sanctions, attributed the death of some 1 million Iraqis in total, and 6-7 thousand Iraqi children per month, to the sanction, which he described as “murderous” and “genocidal.” Mr. Ibish also taped a segment for use on CNBC’s evening show (perhaps around 7 pm est), on the Arab American reaction to the situation. He spoke of the anguish of the Arab American community under the circumstances recalled the awful days of late 1990 – early 1991 – spoke of the concern that Arab Americans have for the Iraqi people warned that such confrontations often lead to an increase in hate crimes against Arab Americans, but called on the Arab American community to use its voice and address its concerns to the broader American society through the media and other means. ADC is answering all the requests for interviews and speaking against the bombing of Iraq and the sanctions that have devastated that nation. Please join us in trying to do what we can to prevent any such escalation. Write to your local newspapers.
– Fax, call or email your senators and congressman. congressional switchboard at: (202) 224-3121
call the White House at: (202) 456-1111
or write to
1600 Penn. Avenue in Washington DC
and ask them not to bomb Iraq. There will be a Catholic Worker Vigil at the White House from 12-1 in the afternoon here in Washington, DC. Those in the area please join in. All others please feel free to check with ADC about activities in your part of the country.

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