Happy International Women’s Day from ADC’s Women Empowerment Forum!

The ADC Women’s Empowerment Forum conveys to all women, and indeed all humanity, its best wishes and congratulations in celebration of International Women’s Day 2022. Today we celebrate what we promote every day, which is the objective of equality and parity between the genders, based on the understanding that women’s rights are human rights, and that civil rights cannot be advanced as per universal humanist values, as long as discrimination against women persists, in society, culture, media, the economy, any and all fields of human endeavor, or the political sphere. While great strides have been made in women’s empowerment globally, some impacts of the pandemic have revealed how fragile some of these gains can be, and how much more needs to be done to consolidate women’s rights, including as regards legislative frameworks. We take this opportunity to re-invigorate our collective and individual efforts and resolve toward advancing greater women’s empowerment, including in the workplace, in the public service sphere, in education and in technology that has so much enabling potential, in access to health that allows women control of their own bodies, in media and cultural vectors, to recognize the many emerging women change-makers, globally and locally. As the world is faced with perilous challenges to peace, greater global social justice and world peace can only be achieved by harnessing women’s empowerment and the energies of the women that anchor every family in our world.

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