Good News! NJ Bank Removes Controversial Sign, Reviews Policies

Dear Supporter,

As we told you last week, ADC contacted Century Savings Bank to demand the removal of a sign requesting that patrons “please remove hats, hoods, headgear and sunglasses” before entering the bank. This sign was brought to the attention of the ADC last month by a local supporter.

We have good news! Century Savings Bank has announced the removal of the controversial sign. On Friday, the Bank’s President and CEO sent ADC a letter confirming removal of sign. Please take a minute to send a note of appreciation to the bank.

The issue came to our attention after an ADC supporter contacted us last month. ADC sent a fact finding delegation, led by one of our national board members, to verify the presence of the sign. Once verified, we sent our letter asking the bank to respect the fundamental freedom of those practicing religions requiring head coverings, including – but not limited to – Muslim women and Sikh men. The issue received local interest and many of our partners, such as CAIR-NJ, worked on the issue as well.

ADC would not have been able to work on this without the help and support of members like you!

Keep up the great work,
ADC National Team


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