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ACT NOW: Are you tired of a biased media coverage?
Have you grown sick of biased reporting? Do you feel like Americans are not getting an accurate picture of what is happening in Gaza? Well, we certainly do!
While we are working hard to contact producers at various television programs, and editors at newspapers, we need your help to let the corporate media know that viewers are widely dissatisfied by the coverage of the war on Gaza.
Ultimately, corporate media outlets want to satisfy their viewers and “get the story right”, so it is critical that we let them know when they are getting the story wrong, but also give positive feedback when they are being accurate.
Below is a list of links to online forms where you can leave feedback for one or several news shows on major networks. In the digital age, online feedback forms provide the easiest measurement of viewer reactions for producers and editors, so let them know what you think- they do pay attention!
Here is your chance to have an effect on the way this war is being covered. Some suggested points are below:
• The coverage of the Gaza War on [Insert Station/Show name] has been consistently inaccurate in the portrayal of the situation. Too often viewers are left with the conclusion that the Palestinians deserve what’s happening and that they – the victims – are to blame.
• While your network has tried to show a balance in the suffering felt by both sides, that hardly reflects the reality. In fact, the onslaught the Palestinians are facing is far greater than anything the Israelis have had to deal with. Israel is using manufactured high-powered massive explosives in one of the most densely populated urban parts of the world yet you have often chosen to focus on Hamas’ largely home-made arsenal. The ratio of Palestinians to Israelis killed in the past few weeks is nearly 100:1
• Numerous analysts or guests on your show have argued that the Palestinians should blame their leaders because they broke the cease-fire in December but your own network reported that Israeli killed several Palestinians in a strike on November 5th ending the cease-fire.
• You should seriously consider inviting guests who can provide informed analysis on the Gaza War and can discuss the situation in the accurate context of siege and occupation. The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the nation’s largest Arab American membership organization, has been working diligently on reacting to the Gaza War and can be a resource for information and commentary. You can reach the ADC at 202-244-2990.
This war has continued unabated largely because there has not been a significant enough outcry here in the United States and this is because people here are not aware of the atrocities taking place in Gaza. Clicking on all these links, filling out the forms, and making your voice heard is the least we can do to help the innocents in Gaza.
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