President Biden Must Force Ceasefire, Stop Ongoing Genocide

Washington, D.C. | | October 27, 2023 –  What Israel continues to inflict on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip as the whole world watches is unfathomable, unjustifiable and criminal. The ADC calls, yet again, for an immediate ceasefire and cessation of hostilities, for immediate humanitarian aid, stop supplying weapons to Israel, an end to the attempted forced transfer of Palestinians, and an end to the brutal blockade on the Gaza Strip. There is no doubt that the impeding ground invasion will undoubtedly make this ongoing genocide worse.

The images projecting on our screens of the relentless and barbaric bombardment of Gaza by Israel with American-made weapons are juxtaposed against yet another disgraceful “no” vote for a ceasefire by the United States at the United Nations. Once again the U.S. stands on the opposite side of the international community.  The US is not merely a bystander in this genocide, it is playing an active role. To date President Biden has refused to meet with Arab and Palestinian American community members and representative organizations. He has ignored the calls from the community demanding a cease fire and an end to the forced transfer of Palestinians.

It is not too late – President Biden can put an immediate end to this by demanding a cease fire.

The implications of the war on Palestine extend beyond the political confines of foreign policy. At home we continue to see a surge in anti-Arab, anti-Palestinian hate, creating an environment that is unsafe for many in our community.. There is a coordinated, sophisticated, and well funded attempt focused on silencing our community members in the workplace and on college campuses across the country.  creating an environment that is unsafe for many of our community members.

Over 7000 Palestinians have been killed, two thirds of whom are women and children. Over 1,000,000 Palestinians displaced. Israel has targeted homes, schools, hospitals, mosques, churches and the basic infrastructure of the whole area. The Gaza Strip is in complete darkness, under complete aerial bombardment. They have shut off access to fuel, electricity, and water. Now they have also cut off communication with the outside world. Multiple international humanitarian organizations have repeatedly warned of the imminent collapse of the already barely functioning healthcare system as Israel continues its indiscriminate criminal assault.

Israel attacks on the Palestinian people aren’t contained to the Gaza Strip – it has continued its aggression on the West Bank killing at least 3 Palestinians in the last 24 hours and over 100 in the past two weeks. Armed Jewish settlers, with the protection of the Israeli army have been attacking homes and farmers in their fields during the olive harvest time.

This is not a “war on Hamas”, this is the continued implementation of ethnic cleansing – the Nakba continues. The world must intervene to stop Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip and it’s oppression of Palestinians all over Palestine once and for all.

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