Daily Star Reports on ADC’s Delegation to Sabra and Shatila

Europeans slam Sharon and speak out on the plight of Palestinians
Delegation calls for independent Palestinian state

Saturday, September 17, 2005
BEIRUT: A European delegation in Lebanon to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the 1982 massacres in the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps slammed Israeli Premier Ariel Sharon yesterday for his involvement in the killings and his continued aggressions. The delegation’s Italian representative, Stephani Ciarini, said: “The massacre [Sharon] committed claimed the lives of innocent people in 1982. Today he is exercising the same acts.”
Ciarini speaking at the Lebanese Press Order on behalf of a foreign delegation grouping Italian, Swedish and German representatives, invited to Lebanon by Hizbullah’s international relations branch. Members of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee were also among those invited to commemorate the massacres.
The Italian representative also had criticism for the U.S. “The American project wants to divide the Arab world into sects, ethnicities and different races to fight each other,” she said, adding, “This is an imperialist war. We support the Lebanese, Syrian and Iraqi people who are struggling.”
Mohammad Baalbaki, president of the Press Order, praised the foreign delegation, saying: “I thank God that there are still honest people in the world who appreciate righteousness, and that the Zionists were not able to brainwash them.”
The foreign delegation also called for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and for financial and moral compensation for the Palestinians’ suffering and oppression under continuous Israeli aggressions.
A representative from the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, Kathy Haddad, expressed the committee’s solidarity with the Palestinian people, saying: “Any solution for the Palestinian cause should be based on the UN resolutions, especially Resolution 242 (passed in November 1967).” She added that the separation barrier being built by Israel “will lead to more displacement and isolation.” Haddad stressed “refugees’ rights in returning to their homes according to UN Security Council Resolution 194, and their full rights to be compensated.”
MP and President of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee Marwan Fares asserted the “fight and struggle” will continue until Palestine is liberated. Fares made the assertion during a mass demonstration staged on the 23rd anniversary of the massacres. Fares considered the pullout from Gaza “the start of further withdrawals from the West Bank and all of Palestine.” Participants in the demonstration, mainly Lebanese and Palestinian factions and the foreign delegation, marched from opposite the Kuwaiti Embassy to the martyrs’ graves.
Also present for the commemoration, MP Alaaeddine Terro said: “We confirm the national constants for the struggle and liberation of the Shebaa Farms and all of Palestine, and withdrawal from Gaza is the start for the liberation of Palestine.”
“The resistance is for the unity and freedom of Lebanon, and the weapons are a dignity and guarantee for the liberation of the Shebaa Farms, Palestine, the Golan Heights and the return of refugees,” he added.
Fatah Movement Secretary Sultan Abu Aynayn called on the international community “to help the Palestinian people in rebuilding what the Israeli occupation and aggression destroyed.”
Also, members of the Palestinian Liberation Organization demanded the Cairo Agreement be implemented and Palestinian detainees be released. In a statement, the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) reiterated its commitment to the Palestinian cause and confirmed the political constants represented in the return of Palestinians refugees and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and the marking the borders.
The PSP further demanded the Lebanese government to provide Palestinian camps with development, humanitarian and social services.

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