Congressman Tom Davis Responds to Concerned Virginia Constituents

In late January, Congressman Tom Davis (R-VA) held a town hall meeting with his constituents in Virginia. During the question and answer session, a member of the audience allegedly shouted out, “we are at war with Islam,” and that the war in Iraq would not be complete until, “we killed all the Arabs.” Concerned members of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) contacted Davis asking him for a response to the incident. We have included his response below.
ADC is happy with the initiative demonstrated by our Virginia members. This is a great example of Arab-Americans being involved in issues important to the community. Not only were these members attending the town hall meeting to hear more about the policy views of their elected representative, but when something occurred that caused them concern they took action; some called, other used their computers and others pulled out pen and paper.
Congressman’s Response
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