Congress Must Reject the Speech by Israeli War Criminal

Washington, DC | | June 26, 2024 – ADC needs you to take action. Tell your elected representatives in Congress to reject Netanyahu’s scheduled July 24th speech. Netanyahu, a war criminal, does not deserve to address Congress. The fact that the ICC is seeking an arrest warrant for him should have been an automatic disqualifier from being invited to address Congress.

Demand your members of Congress speak up now to reject Netanyahu’s invitation and then protest his speech on July 24

Any member of Congress who stands to applaud an openly racist, genocidal butcher like Netanyahu is, at a minimum, supportive of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and serious violations of human rights. The only moral response from members of Congress is to reject his speech. Every Senator and Representative has the moral obligation to reject this speech, now and also during the speech on July 24.

Contact your Senators and Representative now and demand they take a stand against Netanyahu by rejecting his speech, and explaining why publicly. Over eight months into this genocide, silence from our elected officials is more than just complicity.

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